I understand that the majority of people using early education and childcare services will soon will be eligible for the subsidy – do you have have more information on this?

The Australian Government has announced an upcoming enhancement to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) program, set to take effect from July. This significant increase in the subsidy is expected to yield numerous benefits for families and the nation as a whole. For comprehensive information on this development, please refer to the official website  childcaresubsidy.gov.au Commencing on 10th July, a majority of families utilising early childhood education and care services will be eligible to receive a higher Child Care Subsidy. Moreover, certain families who were previously ineligible for this subsidy will now be able to avail themselves of its benefits.

How can I enrol my child at Southbank Montessori?

Please complete and return the waiting list form. Children can be placed on the waiting list at any time and there is no charge to place a child on our waiting list.

If I am offered a place in the 2 – 3 year old class at Basinghall, do I need to apply for a place in the older class.

Children who attend Basinghall Street will automatically be offered a place in Berwick Street when they are ready and a place is available. When ready the child will visit Berwick Street with their parents and again for a morning on their own.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

Children do not need to be toilet trained to join the 2 – 3 year old class at Basinghall Street. Whilst attending Basinghall Street the Educators will work with the parents and children to assist with toilet training. Children must be toilet trained to join the over 3 year class at Berwick Street.

How do you keep me informed of my child’s progress?

The classroom director keep details records of the progress of each child. They meet with the parents every 6 months to discuss their child’s progress. Meeting may be held more regularly at the request of the parents or the staff. Bookings for parent meetings can be made by calling or emailing the office.

How can I provide feedback?

Visit Southbank Montessori’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/southbankmontessori/ to provide feedback and review the centre’s services.

How can I keep up-to-date with the centre?

You may subscribe to the Southbank Montessori monthly newsletter here [link to newsletter sign-up] or follow the Southbank Montessori Facebook page.

Am I charged during public holidays?

No, we do not charge when we are closed for a public holiday.

What are your opening hours?

7:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday




We welcome you to contact us to express your interest in enrolling
your child and taking a tour of one of our centres.