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10th March 2022

As the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated, life can change very quickly and be very unpredictable. Although, in comparison to the Eastern States, we have been fortunate, so far, as not to be, as affected over the past two years.

However, we are now faced with the new challenges of the ‘Omicron strain’; and with that comes the uncertainty around what future impact this will have on our community.

The start of 2022 has seen Western Australian’s face some new challenges, as Covid-19 (Omicron) cases increase, and a growing number of exposure sites are being announced daily. Therefore, it is imperative that, we continue to undertake safety measures, as a matter of priority, for the protection of our children, families and staff within our Southbank community.

We are fully committed to ensure that, we maintain continued and up-to-date communications with our families in these challenging times. We are doing our part to ensure we minimise the risk of transmission by following all public health advice and Government mandates and creating the below strategies and plans in accordance. 

From this week we are receiving children from parents the main entrance minimising the circulation of people in the service. 

Government updates:

Students in school or early childcare, who are asymptomatic (show no symptoms) but have been identified as a close contact under the existing definitions (but not a household close contact), will be able to continue attending school or childcare and benefit from face-to-face learning – for more information visit,

Important Documents: 

COVID-19 Policy

COVIDSafe Drop offs and Pick ups procedures

Southbank Montessori COVIDSafe Plan 2022


Parent Resources:

The latest health information is available through the WA Health Department

COVID-19 symptoms to be aware of and general health information and tips – Healthy WA

Information on who to contact if parents of young children need support – what to do and who to contact

Information if you are struggling with the challenges of Coronavirus – Lifeline’s 24/7 text service

You can also call the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 13 268 43 or the Telethon Institute for Kids on 1800 595 206 – Tip on discussing Coronavirus with your children

Beyond Blue (1800 512 348) – Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service

How to install the SafeWA and the ServiceWA app

Learn Montessori’s Practical Life Handwashing Lesson

Important Health Tips for our Children

These posters have been place around both the Berwick and Basinghall Centres to help our children understand by following these steps, you protect yourself from germs. You also protect people in your family. And with the coronavirus, when you stop the spread of germs at home, you protect people in the community too

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